Mistress Jennifer


Welcome Admirers,

It is truly a pleasure to have your attention! I’m happy to have you and would love to introduce myself. Whether through chance or curiosity, you have followed my trail of mademoiselle and found my secret world of companionship. Perhaps you are in the mood to let go of your everyday façade for something more exotic and exclusive, if so, you will feel right at home here…

Be prepared to meet a stunning ebony goddess with a smoldering athletic toned body. I have been custom- built by the worlds finest craftsman. Genetically engineered for perfection. Harvested to maturity, so looks, athleticism every detail of my anatomy has been designed to offer you the best of the trans experience. Feminine and affectionate, yet dominant & demanding.  I am gifted with a cosmopolitan outlook and extroverted personality. My best features are my sensuous eyes, always ready with a bright smile and quick-witted quip.

When we are out and about, my dress style is always chic and simple, and I am equally comfortable showing off my toned figure in tight jeans, or a little black dress. You can take me to any social occasion, in absolute confidence. Heads will turn, and tongues will wag, but why care when you are the one who’s got it all?

A nomadic creature by nature, much of my time is spent researching my next trip around the world –

I am an exclusive endeavor, who get’s catered to by the greats. Though I am selective about who I choose to spend time with, you can be assured that as with anything I do, I give my full dedication and discretion to our encounters. 

I have an athletics background, and love working out. I take pride in looking after myself, and love expressing my femininity. I don’t fit comfortably into any boxes – I’m a very free thinker and a free spirit – sport, travel, food, politics… there will be much for us to talk and laugh about – I have many passions and can’t wait to hear about yours! Whether we are spending an hour, a night, or a weekend, I’m a naturally sexy and engaging mistress, and love getting to know you in all ways.

Always ambitious and goal oriented, you know the rewards that come with seizing the moment and thoroughly savoring it down to the last second. Whether it is checking off your bucket list of Michelin Star restarants, jet setting to Paris, or relaxing on the white sand of Bora Bora, I am the companion for those moments of sheer decadence without complication.

My greatest pleasure in life is creating once in a lifetime moment for the gentlemen who are fortunate enough to spend time with me. I’m very versatile and adaptable-if you can dream it up, I can exceed even your wildest expectations.

Throughout my website, I have created a world of who exactly I am, the select group of suitors I like to surround myself, and breathtaking photographs that are a story within themselves. I invite you to peruse my site and look forward to the beginning of a beautiful adventure together.

Mistress Jennifer


A Day to Remember
30min  | Short & Sweet | 500
1 Hour | Unforgettable Introduction| 1000
90 minutes | Irresistible Interlude | 1500
2 hours | Afternoon Delight | 2000
3 hours | High Tea | 2500
4 hours | Dinner and drinks | 3000*  
5 hours | Dinner, drinks and dessert  | 3500
6 hours | Basketball game, Ballet, Concert? | 4000
Up to 14 hours | Overnight | 7000**      
Up to 18 hours | Overnight | 10,000

* Perfect first date 
** My personal favorite

24 hours | 6,000
48 hours | 12,000
72 hours | 15,000
1 week | 30,000

Fly Me to You
Minimum length of date
East Coast | 4 hours | 4000
Midwest | 6 hours | 6000
West Coast | 18 hours | 10,000     
International | 24 hours | 12,000

+ travel fee of $1000 domestic, $2000 international
+ 1st class travel + accommodation expenses

Skype date | 1 hour 1500



“Planning may not be glamorous, but it’s the foundation of every great adventure. And I never embark on a journey without a solid plan.”

Compensation associated with my services are for my companionship and time. As two consenting adults, how we choose to spend our time together is entirely up to us, to be decided in the moment.

My screening process is simple, but strictly enforced, so please do not ask for special allowances.  Your privacy is extremely important to me, but as much as I value your privacy, my personal safety is also a top priority. In order to ensure our time together is every bit as wonderful as you expect, I need to feel relaxed and comfortable with whom I am meeting. Screening is the first step.

I do not expect to ask for my consideration.

If we are meeting at my place, at the very beginning of our date, please leave it on the desk in an unsealed envelope labeled 'GIFT' (large bills preferred) so that I might have access to it as you excuse yourself to freshen up.

If we are meeting at your place, I prefer it to be left for me on the bathroom counter. 

Should we meet in a public place, consider greeting me with my consideration placed in your favourite book! I would greatly appreciate the gesture and the fact that you actually read my website!

If you wish to extend our time together past what we agreed upon, please let me know at the start of our date. If my schedule is free we can continue on, but please keep in mind, regardless of our connection compensation is always required for additional time.

I will always send a confirmation email the day before our date with more information about where we are meeting. If you do not respond to this email, I will assume that you have no intention of keeping our date.

I go through great lengths to ensure I can deliver the best  experience you can possibly have. This includes ensuring that my health and hygiene are impeccable. Please reciprocate the favour by showering and having fresh breath free from traces of strong body odor, smoke or alcohol.

While I do not offer use of my cute Pied-à-terre for incalls, I am more than happy to host our date in a upscale spot for an additional fee.If you prefer an even more luxurious option, please enquire aboutmy critically acclaimed* Suite Experience package, with all arrangements taken care of by yours truly.  *critics include all previous suitors

Screening is absolutely mandatory for all new suitors. All new friends submit two recent references from reputable companions before we can confirm our appointment. If you are new to this world, an ID and LinkedIn/work website will suffice to verify and secure our date. 

Non-Disclosure Agreements
I have gladly signed NDA’s in the past, and have no problem doing so again in the future. Please forward the document over a minimum of 24 hours in advance of our date to allow ample time for a read through. 

All gifts must be presented in an envelope at the start of the date. If we are meeting in a public space, please tuck the envelope away in a gift bag or a special art book for the utmost discretion. A restaurant takeaway bag with a dessert, sweet treat, or bottle of wine will absolutely win you extra points!

The old saying will always ring true: cleanliness is next to godliness. Studies show that sudsy showers, neat grooming, and fresh breath are the best ways to start a date on a high note!

I do not tour. Instead, I simply enjoy visiting a select few cities when I am called, and then make the most of my time while there. If you are interested in meeting but can’t make it to Boca Raton, a FMTY is your best bet. Overnights and multi-day trips require 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep and an hour or two of me time. (For pilates, a run, a call, a latte, a face mask, etc).


Why are you a companion?
My life is full, but I love new experiences and the variety this lifestyle affords me. In my professional life, I pursue my intellectual passions, but as a companion I pursue passions both cerebral and sensual in nature. For me companionship is the best of all worlds. 

What do you offer on a date?
My goal is to provide a uniquely satisfying and truly breathless experience of a life-time. How? By offering you that simple, yet elusive thing: authenticity... with an emphasis on affectionate, meaningful connections minus the frustration of a traditional relationship. While I am a consummate professional, I am also intensely passionate about being the woman of your dreams, the perfect "Girlfriend Experience." I will never make things between us feel like a business transaction or mechanically awkward, as it is important to me that you are as comfortable as possible. I want to be the one who comforts you during struggles, and the first to celebrate your victories. Sharing lovely company is a true gift! 

What will you wear on our dates?
My wardrobe is extensive, from very sexy to conservative, but on public dates I prefer to wear uncomplicated designer pieces that enhance my elegant contours without overpowering me. You need not worry, I have often been complimented on the timeless, sophisticated sense of style I possess which allows me to make an alluring statement while retaining the lady-like grace required for all settings. 

Can I book a same day appointment with you?
Please try to plan, at least, 24 hours in advance to arrange an engagement with me as I am rarely available on short notice. I have to make arrangements to meet with you and screen you for safety, both of which can take time. On the off chance that I do have a last minute opening, I will give priority to suitors I have seen in the past, 

What are your measurements?
34DD- 30- 36 
Dress: 8 
Shoe: 42 

Do you like green/orange/white/black/young/old men?
I am an equal opportunity employer when it comes to dating, but I will admit that I have a preference for much older men. 

I'm a nice/famous/insane/handsome/romantic guy.. Must I really screen? 
Absolutely! However, if necessary, I will sign a non-disclosure agreement. 

Why deposits?
I require a 20% good faith deposit to secure our time together. As mentioned above, I lead a very active, fulfilling life and I find that respect for my time increases ten-fold when we are both are invested. You have no need to worry about me absconding with your deposit. Like any other business, reputation is everything and I have worked very hard to build mine! 

Can I see more pictures?
I have a public twitter and instagram I invite you to browse. I love documenting my journey and post regularly! 

Do you tour?
Yes, I actively tour throughout the continental US. You may inquire as to whether or not I plan to visit your city if you do not see it on my calendar and of course, you can always fly me to you! 

How do we set up a meeting?
Without exception, every potential first engagement must go through the pre-screening process. Once your information is verified, we can begin arranging where and when we will meet. I do accept referrals from other professional companions. 

How safe is my privacy?
Privacy is extremely important to me. So important, I would never consider approaching you if we met accidentally in public outside our arranged times. As a gentleman, I would expect the same consideration from you as well. All documentation to verify your identity in the pre-screening process is immediately destroyed once verified. 

How often can we meet?|
We can meet as often or as infrequent as you like. Please note, if in the moment we choose to extend our time together, all last minute extensions must be compensated for.

Please check my calendar for my most up to date availability. 


To arrange our date, please fill in my booking form in its entirety. Alternatively, you may also contact me at bookingmistressjennifer@protonmail.com

Screening is absolutely mandatory for all new suitors.

All new friends are required to submit two recent references from reputable companions before we can confirm our appointment. If you are new to this world, an ID and LinkedIn/work website will suffice to verify and secure our date.

I look forward to meeting you! 

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Keep a watch on this space for updates on my latest tours and availability!

Upcoming Tours:

Currently in Atlanta (Buckhead) 

East Coast tours are being conducted and will be posted soon, stay tuned! 

Have a request for me to visit your city? Please email your suggestions to bookingmistressjennifer@protonmail.com